3D Architectural Animation

Bring your presentation to a whole new level.

Thinking about using BLUELIME’s 3D architectural animation services? The benefits are endless. For example, imagine introducing camera movement to your concept so you can take a leisurely stroll—or swift flight—through a rendered scene that boasts unmatched cinematographic quality. Also, an animated presentation can heighten a project’s marketing potential, which could aid in faster decision making for your clients. Not only can they replace dozens of frames in a slideshow, animations are a great way to bring your design to life!

Imagine seeing how an interior space can transition from day to night right before your eyes. Or see how the surrounding terrain will affect the esthetics of a future structure, while you’re taken on a flight from above. Above all, with BLUELIME’s 3D Architectural Animation, the options are endless when it comes to perspective, movement and sound. The onboard graphic design staff can also build your established branding into your custom animation environment. Making the final product a seamless addition to any marketing you already have in place.

BLUELIME’s animations can be utilized in many ways, from residential to commercial, exterior to interior, close-up to bird’s eye view. Positively engage your clients with a high quality animation of your design. To sum it up, it’ll seem like you’re seeing into the future!