3D Site Plans & Elevations

Adding context to your overall design.

3D site plans & 2D elevations by BLUELIME are both powerful tools that allow you to visualize many aspects of your residential or commercial developments. BLUELIME can provide you with a whole new perspective on your project that didn’t exist before.

Renderings may help sell a project, but a 3D site plan can present even more detail. When a BLUELIME 3D site plan rendering is placed within a real, bird’s eye photo of the overall site, it can really bring the whole project into perspective for your client. Not only can a 3D site plan show the phases of construction, but also the impact your future project will have on the current infrastructure of the surrounding area. These BLUELIME 3D site plans can be utilized as directional maps, utility reference guides, and most importantly, geo-location.

BLUELIME has the unique ability to convert a seemingly flat, 2D elevation into one that has the elements of three dimensions. Materials such as color, texture, shadows and reflections, can all be added without navigating the complexities and time required when working with a 3D model. BLUELIME can also take currently existing buildings and landscaping and place them as a backdrop to your elevation, adding even more dimension to the final image.