Interactive Virtual Reality

Amplify your presentation and breathe life into your project.

Interactive Virtual Reality (VR) by BLUELIME. Immerse your clients in an out of this world virtual experience. Designed to be viewed on your desktop computer, or with VR glasses on a smartphone, these architectural walk-throughs can be an integral part to decision making presentations about future spaces.

With BLUELIME’s interactive VR, users can get involved, even interact with future environments and see them in lifelike situations. Being fully immersed into a space allows your clients to better understand a project’s size, scale and scope. This powerful tool can prevent costly changes that can happen during the construction process, and can also assist in fund procurement, plan approval and affirm the overall design intent.

At BLUELIME, we are always looking for ways to increase our capabilities to better serve our clients. The addition of interactive virtual reality is a great example of our constant drive for the latest technologies in the field of 3D architectural visualization.