Traditional Rendering

The timeless look and feel of watercolor never goes out of style.

Sometimes brush strokes, colors and textures, best express the mood and feel of a project. Traditional Renderings by BLUELIME can give your design a handcrafted, one-of-a-kind look.

BLUELIME has worked with several project types using their Traditional Rendering abilities. Residential, medical, hospitality, multi-use…you name it. Regardless of building type, the ease of watercolor allows the viewer to enjoy the big picture, rather than focus on the tiny details, and envision the future outcome in their own mind.

Traditional Renderings can communicate your design vision in a voice that reaches not only the professional components of the community, but also the citizens of a community. The hand-made look of your watercolor when used in marketing presentations, can capture the hearts of everyone in the audience, but possibly the procurement of needed funding from investors. Let the beauty of a BLUELIME traditional rendering sweep your next audience off their feet.