3D Architectural Visualization by BLUELIME. Staffed by professional designers, BLUELIME believes in a hands-on approach for every individual project, allowing clients to communicate directly with one of two principal business partners during the span of a project. Focusing on personalized attention, BLUELIME walks every client through each design phase. And, BLUELIME offers the most advanced rendering technology in the country. Most importantly, clients enjoy these benefits at highly competitive costs.

With the rising cost of building materials and everything associated with land development, architects and developers can’t afford to make changes after construction begins. The use of BLUELIME’s high quality renderings, animations and interactive 360 panoramas can eliminate the guesswork well before groundbreaking. In addition to marketing and sales, city planners, real estate developers, and commercial property owners all depend on clear communication to plan, fund, design and build their final outcome. 3D Architectural Visualization by BLUELIME can be a valuable asset of that communication.

BLUELIME has the experience of working with all areas of the architectural spectrum. Schools, hospitals, multi-use facilities, churches, arenas, commercial buildings, residential developments. We’ve done it all. Whether you’re a city planner, architect, commercial, residential or real estate developer, BLUELIME is ready to assist in your next project.